After the suggestion for changes in the National Educational Programme held by the Commission of culture and signed by its chairman himself Vasil Troianov Boianov - Azis, on the National Councel of EUROROMA, which took place on 03.05. this year, it was decided that the Programme must include all children from needy families, regardless of their ethnical identity.

For us, needy person is every citizen of Republic Bulgaria, who has official monthly income less than 300 leva.

The poloitical movement EUROROMA took the decision to create a National fund for education, in which EUROROMA wil take part with 50% of the means and the rest should be provided by the government. In this way all children from needy families will have preferneces from the National Educational Programme.

-  Every child from a needy family receives textbooks from EUROROMA Foundation for free as well as workbooks, notebooks and knapsacks.

-  EUROROMA Foundation thaught of a social extra which will be received by the parents on account of the monthly grades of their child(ren):


-   marks between 4 and 5 - the family receives 50 leva per month for each child - marks between 5 and 6 - 70 leva per month for each child - only excellent marks - the parents receive 100 leva per month for each child

With the reception of a law, which will be passed by the EUROROMA's parliamentary group, this social extra will not be taxable and will not be reffered as an income.


The students-to-be, regardless of their etnical identity, from needy families and with diploma grades above 5.00 will receive scholarship to the extent of the minimum salary and their semestrial fee will be paid by EUROROMA Foundation.