The changes in the Bulgarian society which ocurred during the past 15 years called for a change in the political sphere of our country. It was a matter of course a new party to appear, which will stand for the rights of the Roma minority. EUROROMA is the biggest political party, engaged with Roma problems. It is established on 12th December 1998. In the present moment EUROROMA has 241 municipal and 27 regional structures.

EUROROMA is not an ethnical party, it is opened for every one, who shares our ideas and goals regardless of his/her ethnical grounds. According to the requirements of the Stability Pact of South-eastern Europe above 30% of the executive body of the poitical movement are Bulgarians. Members of our municipal and regional structures are not only Roma people, but also many Bulgarians and Turkish, whose number is constantly increasing.

EUROROMA' s main goals and tasks are:

              Education for all children from needy families regardless of their ethnical


              Guaranteed access to health services

              Employment and providing of income

              Fight with the ethnical discrimination in all its forms

              Taking a deserved place in all the levels of the Governemnt

              Consolidation of the civil society in The Republic of Bulgaria

              The integration of Bulgaria in the structures of the European Unity


Statute of UROROMA