Mr. Kanchev, guest in "Zdravei, Balgaria!", NTV.

Subject: What is uniting EUROROMA and MRF in a mutual list?

During the interview Mr. Kanchev stressed out that EUROROMA and MRF are in coalition partners since 2001. A little later he read the statement of gen. Nikola Kolev (superiror of the President's cabinet ), made at a concultative counsil: "...in the forhtcoming short-fall on the labour market we will have to face the Roma reserve. To do this we will have to first bring them out of their culture and social environment and to give them new qualification and education..." Mr. Kanchev raised the question how what does this mean - to take our children away. May be a new regenerating is being organised? The chairman of EUROROMA reminded that on the last presidential elections 90.8% of the Roma people voted for Mr. Parvanov. In the end of that consultative meeting Ventsislav Dimitrov said: "Due to the high levels of birth rate among Roma people this problem will become even bigger in fututre!" After discussing those two statements Mr. Kanchev said that exactly because of them EUROROMA's choice of coaltion partner is MRF. The chairman of EUROROMA' s last words were:

- History has proven that whoever tries to go against Roma people doesn't do no good to himself. We just want to be given a chance and no one to interfere into our business, we know how to do things!



Mrs. Polina Todorova, guest in "Zdravei, Balgaria!", NTV.

Subject: Should the profession "needy people" be seized?

Before the beginning of the interview a reportage was showed, in which workless people were speculating with their lack of work by selling illegial cigarettes and others, with which they are making some profit.

Mrs. Polina Todorova made the the following statement:

- Mrs. Maslarova was the iniciator of the changes in the social supporting. And I cannot be "for" something that is related with sanctions. In addtition to the reportage I have to say that a lone time ago the Bulgarian people have created the saying that the poor person is like a devil. How can a person live with 40 lv and 15 stontinkas per month?!? Let's speak about those 30 000 needy people, who will lose their social supports after 01.01... According to me this MInistry is the Ministry of sanctions and social indeference. Do you really think that with 40 lv and 15 stontinkas per month a person can become "healthy, muscular and exhibitioner" ( words of Mrs. Maslarova concerning needy people gwtting social supports ). Let's us mrke it out that this reportage cannot be taken as a representable passage quotation. I cannot blame people, who have found some way to survive. A country' s main goal is to give people the minimum chances of surviving and working. The solution is education. The social supports are so low... And what is the Social Ministry doing? And more precisely what it is doing concerning the lowering of poverty? The lowering of poverty doesn't include a policy that will make poor people die out of hunger until 2008 and n this way after that there will be no poverty. Why are educational programs not been given subsidiaries? Let's take for example the splendid educational programs of EUROROMA that include lot's of ways for stimulating the education. The problem of the current Social Ministry is that the measuresa it's taking are separate and they are not reaching the thousands people, who are been sunctioned. Do you have an idea how wrong is the statement that workless people are uneducated? They just lack information, so that they can use the Ministry's various programs.


Mr. Kanchev, guest in "Tazi Sutrin", BTV.

Mr. Kanchev pointed out that EUROROMA is the a proved established representor of Roma people in Bulgaria and has decided to make one unstandart move - to give EUROROMA's juvenile organisation the chance to distinguish the candidates for people's representatives in the European Parliament in the forthcoming elections. The chairman of EUROROMA said that he is nicely surprised by the fact that our young people have continued our policy of entering in coalition with MRF. He enphasized that EUROROMA entered the 2005 elections on its own but that doesn't mean that it has ended its coaloition plicy with MRF. Mr Kanchev brought up the news that Milena Hristova, who is a vice-chairman of EUROROMA's juvenile organisation will be in MRF's electoral list. According to him this list is showing the future inevitable consolidation of the Bulgarian society. It is an unique project. IKn conclusion Mr. Kanchev said that Roma people are responsible and obliged towards their mothercountry and that is their main motivatio to vote and EUROROMA's goal is a good representation in the forthcoming elections.


The speaker of EUROROMA, Mrs Polina Todorova, took part in "Zdravei Balgaria", NTV.

Subject: Should there be Roma ghettos?

During the interview Mrs Polina Todorova mentioned the Roma people from the so called Asanova neighbourhood, where Billa is situated now. They have been promised by Mr. Sofianski that if they give up their houses in Asanova neighbourhood new houses would have been given to them within the period of 3 months. It is 2006 already but those people still live in the "temporary houses" on Evropa boulevard. She appealed thta the same should not happen with the people from Batalova vodenitsa. We, EUROROMA, want the right of building to be given to those people and we will, Romas, will build our own houses. She emphasized on the fact that money for Roma people mustn't go in other's pockets. If we build our own houses this will also mean that the money of the taxpayer won't be spend for this. In the end of the show Mrs Todorova stressed out that until we keep on not taking the human factor into consideration democracy in this country wouldn't have happened and in this meaning the democracy is not threatened.


Participation of Mr. Kanchev in "Zdravei Balgaria", NTV.

Subject: Why are hospitals raising up Roma children left by their parents?

The chairman of EUROROMA, Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev, underlined that this problem can be seen all over the country. It's global within Bulgaria. The local social services must take the required measures- deprivation of parental rights... when the cases of leaving children in hospital turns out to be recidivism. He added that he was expecting hospitals to be overflown with such kind of cases because of the unefficiency of the present Social Ministry. The leader of EUROROMA gave as an example the unique program created in the time of Mrs. Lidia Shuleva "From Relief Funds to Work", which was destroyed by minister Maslarova. Part of the program was the requirement that the relief funds should not be taking unless they were worked off. All this was destroyed. He assured that hospitals have to be ready..., but that actually would not be done because of bad parental intentions. Romas are very good parents, they love their children. Mr. Kanchev raised the question have somebody ever seen a waealthy Roma abandoning his/her child. There aren't any! It's simple- Roma people just preffer to see their children been well fed and feeling warm instead of seeing them suffer from hunger and die. After that he asked if someone have ever seen a Gypsy in a Home for Old People. During the discussion Mr. Kanchev gave an example for negligence against the Roma minority. Two years and a half ago disease among Roma population in a small village near Karlovo was discovered. The vice-chairmanof EUROROMA, Mrs. Iuliana Kancheva, went and discovered some very concerning facts. The Health MInistry at that time was immediately informed and what hey did is to send TWO TRACKS OF SOAP!!! Another fact is that today there is a hepatitis epidemic in Plovdiv. From this village the disease has spread to Karlovo and then to Plovdiv. In the end of the show Mr. Kanchev stressed that there must be a political discussion on this subject!


Interview with Mr. Kanchev and Mr. Karakachanov, "Tazi Sutrin", BTV

During the interview Mr. Kanchev most responsibly declared that MRF haven’t bought votes in the last elections. In his opinion MRF have included the names of Roma boys in their lists and they have told them that they have all needed qualities to become people’s representatives. In their turn these Romas have mobilized their people in their turn. Of course there must have been some financial side also but surely hadn’t included money handed by MRF. Mr. Kanchev emphasized that he cannot consider MRF as a competition because MRF and EUROROMA are in coalition since 2000. And the coalition policy of EUROROMA has only one text- “never against MRF”. Although the fact that in policy “never” is too strong a word, the chairman of EUROROMA explained that until now there hasn’t been a single case, in which someone among EUROROMA’s headquarters had been against MRF. And he declared that he was hoping this tendency would continue.
In response to the question of Ani Tsolova have Roma people been interested in political statements, platforms etc. in the presidential campaign Mr. Kanchev firmly said “yes”. He furthermore explained that EUROROMA owned a radio- “AUREA”, from which Roam people were getting all needed information.
Mr. Kanchev emphasized that a law stating that mayors should have a university degree will be absolutely against the Constitution. The mayor should be elected by people because people’s vote is like God’s will. The chairman of EUROROMA also mentioned that the ideas for such draft law have resulted from the last year parliamentary elections and more precisely EUROROMA’s results in some regions.
In addition to the fact that the candidate for president, supported by EUROROMA in the second round, Mr. Parvanov, won the elections Mr. Kanchev said that his opponent, Mr Karakachanov, has invoked the Bulgarian elector not to vote or to vote with crossing all the squares next to the candidates.
The final remark of Mr. Kanchev was to explain that such a notion as Gypsy crime does not exist. Crime doesn’t have any origin. The criminal has no ethnos- he is just a criminal.  


Interview with Fatme Iliaz (MRF), Pavel Chernev (IMRO), Pavel Dgambazki (IMRO), Tsvetelin Kanchev (EUROROMA). "No censure", Evrokom.

Subject: Is someone speculating with the voices of the Turkish and Gypsy minorities in Bulgaria?

During the interview Mr. Kanchev opposed to the statements, that is practising the so called "election tourism". The chairman of EUROROMA didn't agree with the proposal of the representatives of IMRO, that a law should be passed, according to which Bulgarian citizens living in other countries and not having paid taxes in Bulgaria for some time should lose their right ot vote. Mr. Kanchev emphasized on the fact, that Bulgaria has signed contracts with many countries in the sphere of taxation. He asked the nationalists what have they done to motivate the Bulgarian emigrants to come back in their country and vote in the elections. The leader of EUROROMA assured that the practice "Roma votes to be bought with kebapcheta" has stayed in the past, because nowadays the Bulgarian citizens with Rima origin preffer to stay behind the strong cause offered to them by EUROROMA. And they khow, that when somebody decides to bring down their houses there will be someone to save them. Our party can be recognised by the actions and the results are already visible. Mr. Kanchev marked that 90.7 % of the Romas have voted for Georgi Parvanov, regardless of the mistakes done by minister Maslarova and minister Gaidarski and some other faults in the country. But in the end we preffer to chose the truth instead of the demagogy. He stressed that the hint of 7 % Romas, who have voted for Volen Siderov, is a total speculation. During the conversation Mr. Kanchev input a definition for the demagogy of Attack saying that accodring to it Volen Siderov should be Vasil Levski, Pavel Chernev- priest Krastio, Iliaz- the horrifying Turkish and he himself should be the black Gypsy. But Levski had said: "Tell me your mistakes I will tell you yours and let us continue ahaid..." After this he told the sad story about how two weeks ago he had gone on a Sunday shopping with his two young children and while he had been holding their hands he had heard soemone behind his back reading a brochure of Attack and saying: "I will give my vote for this one because look what is written here- all Gypsies and Turkishes on soap." Then Mr. Kanchev had patted the man on the shoulder and when the other one turned and nearly dropped his coffee he had asked: "Excuse me ,Sir, according to you what kind of soap will become out of this children?" This is a policy of hatred and separation. After this Mr. Kanchev pointed out, that the biggest problems are illiteracy and the fact that we live in one and the same society but we don't know each other and we don't make any effort of changing this. He is sure that if we get to know each other we will begin liking each other. During the discussion Mr. Kanchev several times asked the nationalists why were they avoiding to comment the political turn of Volen Siderov. He input a citation: "I'm ready to do everything, I'm ready to embrace even Dogan, just make me a president!". After this Mr. Kanchev said that there is no reason to believe Siderov! To forget the fact that he wanted to put all Romas in concentration camps, that he wanted to make soap from all of us, to castrate Roma men. Ok, I'm sorry but is there an atmosphere on Saturn?!? I want to address to Mr. Siderov, who began today to excuse himself... There is a way of saying it- all the best to you Romas, I'm sorry. Why didn't he do it? The chairman of EUROROMA asked what kind of responsability would Attack take for obstucting the police on Belneiski case turning their attention to a wrong direction. Therefor valuable time for finging the killers was lost. For Mr. Kanchev the guiltiest of all are exactly Attack!... Because if the politicians begin to interfere into the business of the proffesionalists only bad things are to be expected in this country. He asked the Bulgarian nationalists to stick to a moderate nationalism. Because it might turn in the end that MRF and EUROROMA have been accepted in the European union while the nationalists have lost themselves somewhere behind in searching of witche. As a final line Mr. Kanchev emphasized that we shouldn't talk about ethnos and ethnisation after our acceptance in EU because then we'll be 16 million!


Interview with Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev on BTV, "Tazi Sutrin".

Subject: Are the words of the people's representative in the European Parliament, Dimitar Stoianov, a sign of racism?

Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev: Here, we are speaking about the subcaste kalaidjii-gezvedjii. This is an extension of one old Bulgarian tradition, the so-called "Sunday horo" ("horo" is a Bulgarian word meaning a traditional Bulgarian dance). During it the young women put their most beautiful clothes, make-up and then they were going tothe horo trying to be the most comely and natty ones. And they were trying, of course when they felt themselves being already matured, to be liked but he most handsome young men. In the same way on the open market this caste is following its traditions. The young women, who are going to the market have already felt being matured and together with their parents they go there and by walking around they are been introduced to each other- this is called social contacts.

Ani Tsolova: So, this is some kind of tradition?

Exactly. And after the young people have liked each other the parents begin discussing the rest of the detailsaround the wedding. Yes, there is one deposit... Give me one minute just to explain you. This is a guarantee that there will be a wedding and not the word to be spread that the girl has been asked but not taken. After this, on the wedding the father of the girl adds to taht so called deposit more, enough money and gives them to the new family.

And I presume that the girl has agreed all this to happen?

Only artef the young people have liked each other all this happens!

And not because the father has said so?

Absolutely! Nowhere is mentioned that this is a selling. I can tell you that until recently and even now there was such an article in our legislation and it was criminalized also. It said that the one, who offers marriage but does not fulfil his promise is subject to entering the court hall. Well, isn't waht we are speaking about exactly agreeing with the Bulgarian legislation. Give yourself a couple of minutes and think over it...

Is it really criminalized- if you promise marriage but...

Yes there was such a law.

But it's hard to be proved?

But it is indictable. And it was part of our legislation. Who promise marriage and doesn't fulfil his promise is to take his responsability.

And what is the responsability of Mr. Dimitar Stoianov? And is there racism in his words?

No, there was no racism. And I will tell you why. Yesterday, I asked the chairman of the European Parliament in a letter to give us help and let those european deputies, who use the word racism, understand that they are unintentionally discriminating us using the word racism.


Because Romas, Englishmen, Americans, Russians...we are all from one race- the Indo-european. There is no racism here. In the moment, in which they say that these statements are racialist they are performing an unintentional act of discrimination. So, there are really not racialist. And I suggest that the skilled lawyer, whom we are about to hear will mention exactly this detail. But it is no chance that last week I posted a complain to the Chief public prosecutor about these words of Dimitar Stoianov. Because the fact that Attack is been trusted by many Bulgarians is undoubtable- those Bulgarian citizens believe their leaders and when such a lie has been heard by them they perceive it as a a message, the attitude of these people towards the Romas will become extremely negative. On the contrary, this caste kalaidjii-gezvedjii and the whole Roma ethnos also, when they hear these lies and slanders, which are been said about us will also react very sharply. And here is to be seen the violating of article 162, paragrapf 2 of the criminal code for intensifying national hatred. And I hope that the respected from me Mr. Chief public prosecutor will quickly order a verification and if they dedide that there is really some kind of violation to start a procedure according to his rights given by the Constitution.

* Online with Marin Markovski ( lawyer of Dimitar Stoianov). Mr. Markovski mentioned that Diumitar Stoianov is being charged according to a norm in the ethical code which hasn't been carried by Parliament, yet. This is a paradox. He claims that there is no insult because the reason for the writing of the e-mail is not that the lady has a Roma origin but her nomination.

Dear Mr. Markovski, you are undoubtably the most acknowledged lawyer with much success. But how would have felt if in a certain nomination of yours someone says: " Oh, this one wighs more than 135 kg amd is good for Chairman of the Supreme council of lawyers." , without taking in consideration your proffesional potentialities. And this would have been said just because of your kilograms.

Mr. Markovski: I don't think I wuold have get insulted because of this fact. This is a sign of being in good health. If this argument would have helped me to be nominated, then I would have agreed with it.

I am very well acquainted with this way of skiping the topic in the Gypsy neighbourhoods. So ity's nothing new we haven't seen before. But I would like to mention that the gentlemen from Attack are speculating with the mane odf the great Bulgarian revolutionary- Vasil Levski. Apparently Vasil Levski is a very difficult subject for them- they don't know who he is and they certainly need to aducate themselves about this person. They should follow the eaxample of "LEVSKI" 1914 football club- take Mr. Todor Batov, Mr. Nasko Sirakov and Mr. Marin Stoilov's example. These people showed us how if one Roma boy gets a chance, the championship's goal becomes vulnerable. But this was done only by giving a chance!

Ani Tsolova: It's a fact!

And I appeal to Mr. Siderov...

*On-line with Toma Tomov (chairman of "ROMA"). Mr. Tomov wants the overthrow of immunity of Dimitar Stoianov again according to the text of article 162, paragraph 2 (he agreed with the statement of Mr. Kanchev). But before that he said that first of all they will ask for a meeting with the Chief pudlic prosecutor and after that they will place their claim.

 Ani Tsolova: Dimitar Stoianov argument is that in this way he wants to attract the attention of the Europen deputies on the problems of Roma people, because some of them are selling their children, thier babies. We have made such journalistic investigations...

Yeah, and before a couple of decades Hitler wanted to understand how is the soap industry developing, maybe?

The question is is this the way to be done? Because such kind of sellings do happen and you are also fighting against them, I hope?

Of course! We can fight with these problems taking actual measures, not with insulting qualifications and inciting interetnical hatred. Only in this way! This is a unseperatable part of the policy of Volen Siderov in his campaign around the country. We have very worring uncomfirmed information that from the headquarters of Attack are preparing themselves for very massive forgery on the coming elections. I want to flatly warn them that if they really try to do this no one among us will allow him to sit on the presidential chair! Let him now this and not to watse his efforts.

What exactky will this forgery be?

The information hasn't been confirmed, yet and that is why I cannot tell you in details. But no one will allow it!

You wanted to add something before getting Mr. Markovski on the line but I interrupted you...?

Yes, exactly because of this I want the withdrawal of Volen Siderov from the presidantial campaign- his campaign is based only on hatred and is appealing to national animosity. We don't need this- we have to be united! Let us follow the predident, Mr. Parvanov. Let us follow the way of tolerance and reciprocity.

Thank you! Mr. Kanchev, leader of EUROROMA was guest in our studio!   


Interview with the leader of EUROROMA- Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev and the vice-mayor of Sofia- Mr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov, on Ntv- “Koritarov live”.

Subject: Should there be cameras in the Roma neighbourhoods?

Koritarov: Is there a problem with the buildings in the Roma neighbourhoods or ghettos, or whatever they call them there?

Tsvetelin Kanchev: Yes, there is. But with the difference that most of the buildings there are one-stored and they don’t carry such a heavy construction underneath. That is why in 1999 the frame program for integration of the Roma minority was signed and inside, in paragraph 4, is the housing politics of the government of that time. According to it the government is undertaking the engagement for the immediate legalizing of all Roma buildings. And it was aid that later on they will be brought in the appropriate outlook…

Did this happen?

No, no!

Ok, here we have “Monitor” newspaper from Wednesday, 20.09, and observe the heading “The vice-mayor wants cameras to be put in the Roma neighbourhoods!” Mr. Tsvetanov, why are you offering this?

Mr. Tsvetanov: This was taken in the context of my declaration, concerning the presentation of the profile of the Roma minority that was made. Here is the moment to mention that, as I said before, during the last 17, 18, 20 years the government has abdicated from the Roma problem- it has been settling for years but still it hasn’t been solved. A lot of strategies have been created but without any efficiency, with no certain results. What has been demonstrated in one of the slides of the presentation was that 87 % of the Bulgarians over the last 17, 18 years haven’t changed their opinion of the Roma people. For them each Roma person is a potential threat, some kind of criminal. With a view of these facts I think that a lot should be done. Roma people should be integrated because statistically in Sofia 5 years ago there were 17 or 18 000 Roma. Now statistically they are around 120 or 140 000 Roma. I think that they are much more but you can understand that this is a problem. And if they had begun solving the problem, if they have done serious investments in the sphere of Roma education, now these Roma would have been 18 or 20 years old and they would have been educated and competitive on the market. And they would have had a totally different system of values for their own attitude and their personal responsibility as a part of the civic community in Bulgaria.

Lora Krumova: What do you think you will achieve from these cameras?

Concerning the video observation, as I have mentioned, there are limit boundaries between the Roma neighbourhoods for example and the citizens of Sofia , who are the rest of the society. Because when an incident happens there is a shifting of the responsibility- who has provoked it- there is a certain neurological spot and in the material you showed us there were people from the Roma side, who are victims. There are people, who for example say that there were policemen and Bulgarians, who have shot or have taken some side. I think that exactly because of these things I came up with this proposal. I am not afraid of the video observation. Every day I walk underneath the video observation, installed in the centre of Sofia .

But this will create the impression for discrimination, maybe?

Until the very last moment I was hoping that Mr. Tsvetanov has made an involuntary mistake with this proposal. Because according to our Constitution every manifestation of double standard is unallowable. Now, there is something more. Until a certain point I am tolerating them but it has already gone too far. Look, first the problem with the garbage stays still unsolved and they begin to destroy “Batalova” neighbourhood, they cut the money for our roads, begin to argue about the Roma carts.

Ok, and now what about the video observation?

Well, apparently there is again some kind of problem.

Because in the centre of Sofia there is video observation?

But that should be clearly distinguished- the public places from the private estate. It is absolutely admittedly to have cameras on a public place.

* In an interview with the local people from “Filipovtsi” made by Vesela Toteva the common opinion of the people is that there is no need of cameras to be put. One of the people said that in this way the only thing which will happen is that the money of the tax-payer will be spent.

I want to assure you that this will never happen. We are not animals. We are not any different from the rest to be watched by cameras. Our brothers have just said it in the interview that maybe they want to reveal how we are making love!

It is not the entering of Roma neighbourhood that is meant- we are referring to the territory in between, for the boundary where the eventual conflicts are taking place. So, if someone says that he/she have committed some kind of crime, the opposing person had reacted in another way, then we have a conflict. This conflict may have its preventive effect if there was a video observation. This is the way it is done all over the world and it’s the way we are doing in the metro. Since there is a video observation in the metro from what should we be afraid of- that someone might reach for my wallet, that someone might rob me- all that will be shot by the video observation. And because of this the police will act immediately. If this incident happens, they will be transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that there was a robbery...

But will you protect these cameras?

Do tell us that you will install them in important infrastructural spots. Don’t bring up the names of Roma neighbourhoods.

Well, I’m saying the neighbourhoods between Roma and Bulgarian people.

In this way will you accept the idea?

Again no!


Because again it’s not structured in the needed way. “The neighbourhoods in between”- there is some boundary, which is unthinkable to exit. Just notice- “the neighbourhoods in between”…

Lookoing at the wording, there is really something…

Ok, the wording. But I’m telling you again. We want to put video observation on as many hot sots in the capital as we can.

I can assure that if you place the cameras in the regions, in the municipalities, to shoot your inferiors- those municipal mayors that you inherited… You know this very well. You will catch the corruption among them. Do you know how bigger an effect you will have?

You said- “place them in the regional municipalities”.

Yes, in front of the regional municipalities, in the hot spots. And if it is needed, make the cameras hidden. They will see much more interesting things. They’ll see how millions are being stolen, not how some Gypsy boy is returning from somewhere with half a chicken…

Right now, this project that we want to realize, we want to put video observation in the school and kindergardens as well. My child, for example, when it goes to school, I want it to be observed using the exactly same video observation.

This is good!

Because in this way I’ll be sure that is there’s some kind of aggression towards my child, the committer will instantly be caught.

There’s something very interesting here. I understood it differently. For us, for EUROROMA, General Boiko Borisov is such a trustworthy person- he has such big achievements. Maybe it will take many, many years to thank him for this. I got the impression that someone from his surroundings wants very much to make him our enemy. I give you as an example the mayor of Kavarna- Tsonko Tsonev. Maybe you haven’t visited the Roma neighbourhood in Kavarna?


It’s something unique. Take my advice and visit it. A neighbourhood without any confrontations, without any complains- nothing. Something else, and by the way I’m going to share a piece of news in your studio. I advise you, to take example from our pesident, whom by the way I will recomend to be supported by EUROROMA on the second tour of the elections. Before his first mandate our presie\dent said: "I will never say forward, I will say follow me!" And he kept his word til the end! So, Bulgarians and Romas should learn to take responsability. If we take example from our president, especially in this part, a lot of things will change for better. No matter what we are about to bear, we should learn to take responsability for our own mistakes, for our actions.

The idea is one, but the understanding is totally different...

The idea is to give safety to the Romas and to the Bulgarians as well.

If there is cooperation between us, when some action is taken and when it is discussed as we know the psyche of our people, we know how to inform them in an acceptable way because they thrust us.

Half a month ago there was a fight between 2 Roma families and exactly video cameras helped to solve the case. Accidently.

Please, do not mistake them with Roma! Those people speak Turkish language and define themselves as Turkish- the diligent and hardworking uncle Hasan is for Dugan but for me are only criminals!

Well, yeah, but then videocameras helped to solve the case, didn't they?

Yes, video cameras but where- not in the Roma neighbourhood but outside, in the open-air.

We are speaking about the same!

But let us put the things in different words, shall we?

I want you to understand me properly. We, as a municipality, are doing everything, which is in our power to integrate the Roma people. Taht is why there is one working group, the members of which have been invited from all departyments. And we want to build beautiful, effective houses according the european projects, in which we will really begin to integrate those Roma. Because right now, what happened in the last 15, 18 years is that many people have said many things and many strategies have been developed but in the end we have no effective actions. Right now there is one quickly growing tension. And some people are making policies out of these conflicts. Those people are just waiting a conflict to take place and immidiately go there... we won't mention any names of politicians, who are doing exactly this. But what I want is to integrate that community in the boundaries of the our fatherland because there are Bulgarians like us and in no way...

Let us not speak about integration and who has to integarte where. Instead let's speak about consolidation of the Bulgarian society.

Yes, there is great potential for future dialogue in these words... Thank you very much for the participation! We'll continue that topic when we have an occasion.



Interview with Els de Groen - radio ÀUREA

Pîlina Todorova- Good morning! I am the Programme Director of radio AUREA. I would like to ask you what do you think about this situation?

Els de Groen- I think that it's more difficult to live in this house (she is pointing towards the Roma house in front of her) than in that block (reffering to the Bulgarian block, situated near the ghetto), but of course this is an inacceptable situation for housing people. I also spoke with the Bulgarians and I understand them, but I think that this is the shame of Europe. There is money and especially in those more structural funds. I already spoke once about the possibility to take money from the structural funds and invest in housing. But what I can see even now is that social housing in Bulgaria is very, very expensive. People can't pay their rent. Because of the corruption- the houses are much more expensive than they should be. They can cost, for example, 10 000 euro but there are houses for 35 000 euro. So there is a lot of money in the pockets of the people who built these houses. They are built without public tender and that is ruining of money and I am constantly asking questions about that because in this way we are throwing away the money- we do not invest them. In my opinion there is enough money to avoid all this. And I think that every one will be satisfied if there are beautiful houses for all- no matter if you are Roma or Bulgarian.

Vasil Kadrinov (assistant of Els de Groen) - Vasil Kadrinov (assistant of Els de Groen) - Let me explain that Mrs. Els de Groen is here from 10:20 a.m. and first she visited 14th block, from where the complaints were posted. She personally spoke with the Initiative Committee of the block. We didn't ask about the names of all the people but with certainty we can remember the name of grandmother Spaska, who lives here from 1942 as well as other Bulgarians. And because some media claimed that Mrs. de Groen is not interested in the problems of the Bulgarian people, I must say that she met them also. They told her how for a very long time they have been sending complaints to Sofia's municipalityduring Mr. Sofianski mandate... And now they are satisfied that within a couple of months the municipality will take a steady decision in solving the problem.

- Such theory has been expressed that actually Bulgarian people suffer more. Who do you think suffer more in bulgaria?

- In my opinion Roma people suffer more but common Bulgarians suffer, too. After the privatizations I wrote a book about it, which will be published in the end of this year. And actually this is my vacation- I work 90h per week and if I didn't like this country and if I didn't work in favour of and for the prosperity of Bulgaria, I wouldn't be here right now. This is the first week, in which I could have been home with my husband, whom I see very rearly. And, instead, I'm here.

- Thank you bery much for the support! And what can you tell us about the Roma people from Hasanova neighbourhood, who live on "Europe" boulevard. They have been told that they will be moved to temporary houses for three months, but they are living there more than 5 yers now. And these people, from "Batalova vodenitsa", they don't want the same thing to happen to them. Were you acquainted with this "temporary solution", with this situation?

- No, but I know about this case with a camp, situated outside Bulgaria, where people were living in caravans. I'm acquainted with this case and I know that they were searching for a solution but temporary houses for more than 5 years... Well, that is too "temporary"!
I also know that family connections for Roma are very important and thye don't leave the family, but this cannot be a reason for someone coming and lifting the roof of their houses.

- Do you think that the municipality and the government itself should build some not very expensive houses, and yet new buildings, so that these people could move there and live in them?

- I have seen many cases, in which new houses were built on very high prices. But I have also seen the opposite- very expensive houses, apperantly due to corruption.

- And how much money do you think the European Parliament will give for the building of this houses?

- I could not tell. But it's a matter of millions, really millions in these funds. And the tendency of avoiding this...

- Should the municipality ask for that money or some non-governmental organisation?

- This is a matter of negotiation ang also a matter opf convincing the Commission, which we as a group in the Europarliament tried to do- to convince them that this situation is unacceptable and as I said- this is the shame of Europe. Because once I visited Bulgaria in 2003 and we made a film about these problems and in this film there are shots from Africa and South America, but the poverty of all was Bulgaria. And people were horrified because they didn't know that with only two hours of flight with a plane they will reach such poor countries. And let us be honest- I was little angry because one of the women, accompanying Mr. Borisov, said something of the kind- "That is Roma culture"...

- Ah, Roma culture is something absolutely different! Poverty cannot be anyone's culture!!

- No, no... I saw women, who cleaned a carpet in the middle of the ghetto and little children, who were building small house in the same way they have seen their parents to do it. But the interesting was something different- that people were leaving their shoes outside because inside they were keeping it clean- and this is culture! And I made myself a picture as I was pointing towards the house, pronouncing- "Look, this is the culture of Roma !". The problem comes in the poverty because if you don't have money, you cannot build yourself a normal house and to earn money you must have good job, to find a good job- [proper education. So, it is not only the housing, there is a whole group of problems.

- Is there a report about this in the European Parliament?

- The need of report becomes more and more necessary because people from the European Parliament- they attend conferences, they don't come here. The meetings are held in beautiful hotels. They have dinners there, after which they go home. And what they have to do is go and see so that they could understand and talk with people.

- When you met Mr. Boiko Borisov, he assured you that these people will be moved to normal houses, didn't he?

- I told him that Bulgaria has signed agreement for the building of 15 000 houses for the Roma people. And he said that this cannot be done immediately. Furthermore, he said that he has authority in Sofia but outside Sofia the situation is difficult. "I have authority in Sofia but none outside it. But as for the situation in the city- I want to make it better. But I can't build those new houses with the blink of the eye...", these were the words of Mr. Borisov. And then he gave the idea for the temporary houses. But if this continues more than 5 years, then this will no longer be temporary! But we shouldn't blame... Let us first see what will Mr. Boiko Borisov do and then if he is acting inappropriate, I will again contact him, but I will not say that he is a bad person before I understand what is his opinion of this situation. I judge people by their actions.

- What is your personal motive to be here today and not be attending a congress? Because it is not a common situation to see such high-standing person exactly here.

- I have read a lot of books about the Balkan countries and one day I decided to focus precisely on the Roma problem. I have seen many Roma, but I have never... I decided to study their culture, their history and traditions. And then I saw all the corruption around the money meant for Roma, but which never reach them... it somehow disappear. From this moment on I tried to find the reasons why cartain people act like this...

- In your opinion what is the important thing when we talk about Roma people- to have job or education? Because I'm personally acquainted with many people, who have very good education but are unemployed.

- Yes, I also met a group of about 40 young and educated Roma, who were unemployed and I asked them if they have ever tried to apply for job without mentioning the fact that they are Roma. And there was one really dark-complected boy, who said "I can't!". What I mean is that it's not good when you have to hide your identity. This is a very important problem. The main thing we do is to give information. Do you know that there are many people, who think that Roma come from Eastern Europe and don't know anyhting about India!

- I'm the Programme Director of radio AUREA and thanks to Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev, the chairman of EUROROMA, many Roma people, who are very good specialists, work in this radio - something absolutely impossible if they have applied for a job position in another radio.

- Maybe here is the place to criticize Roma- from where does this fear come? Now, people here are very angry, they should do this more often. In other words the fight for a better standard of life should be lead by the Roma themselves.

- And I want to thank for your support- I'm speaking for all Roma people because we support each other a lot but without the cooperatin from outside we would not succeed in anything.

- Yes, it is very impotant to cooperate...

- One more time, thank you!

*In this interview were aslo used questions, asked by other media!



Interview with the chairman of EUROROMA- Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev

Tsvetelin Kanchev:
Steal less from the Roma people, Bulgarian brothers!

The Roma people from "Batalova vodenitsa" live there from more than 105 years.

The chairman of EUROROMA Tsvetekin Kanchev knows good and bad times - from member of Parliament he became a prisoner, then again in last summer he was a candidate for member of Parliament after the vice-president Angel Marin gave him amnesty. He says that it's not blood but the self-definition that is important. Not once he had appealed to the non-governmental organizations to steal less from the money of the European funds, but who listens?!...

Paolina Boianova (journalist from "Nad 55" newspaper)- Mr. Kanchev, there was certain tension recently around the destroying of the Roma ghetto in "Batalova vodenitsa", what exactly seems to be the problem?

Mr. Tsvetelin Kanchev- There is no problem, it's just that the society tried to transfer the pain from the one sick head to the other. We have a whole bunch of unsolved problems in Sofia, but at the moment the ghetto seemed to be the main problem. And why? Because the that parcel was already given, that is why such a hysteria was produced, not that someone is so worried about the people, who are living there. Our interference made a little mess in their dealings, but the parcel is already given to a private company, which is ready to start building. "Batalova vodenitsa" exists from 105 years, from 1900's. Back then, there were no Bulgarian blocks in the neighbourhood. And if we go deeper and search through the documentations of these blocks, do you think that they will come out absolutely legal? I very much doubt about it. Apart from this, it's a total lie that there are domestic animals in the ghetto, one year ago I advise them and they removed them. Furthermore, this neighbourhood hs always paid its bills, there is not even one unpaid bill.

- Which is that private company that has taken the parcel?

- I don't know for certain, but it's owed by that people from "George's Day Movement" and Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - that coalition - "Grandparents and grandson".

- Because there was such kind of impression that the interference of the members of the European Parliament stopped the destroying of the ghetto.

- I informed them, I called Els de Groen. But do you know what I heard the next day from some colleagues of yours-? Everybody was disappointed that now there will not be fighting and blood, and burning Roma people and screaming children. And your colleagues were regretting for the action that didn't take place. I keep on saying that no one has ever seen good in thids life after he or she have decided to punish us. In ancient times the Creator had punished us for some things but this doesn;t mean that he will allow others to play with us.

- What do you mean, is this some kind of superstition, or legend... ?

- Yes, according to the legend many, many years ago the Roma people had a powerful kingdom and were ruled by a mighty king and all the other people were obeying him. But one day the king decided that the God also must obey him. Then God scattered and condemned them to eternal wandering.

- And when will they reunied, will they ever reunied, is this said in the legend?

- Well, I will not tell you the end of the legend because you'll think that I suffer from some sort of grandomania.

- In your opinion is there a civilized way of dealing with the problem of Roma ghettos?

- There is. Sofia's municipality must give building right on such parcels, which are not of such interest- for example, there is a parcel between "Fakulteta" and the Military school in Suhodol. Certainly, no Bulgarian will ever want to build something there. And the problem might be solved, but there must be will to do this. Otherwise, nothing can be achieved with force. We came with an offer that only the ones that have settled in Sofia until 1996 and are registered should have the right to stay here. If these parcels are given we can provide the means. This is a public secret that we have the money for the building of houses.

*Within a couple of days the whole interview will be published on the web-site!